River Fog in December

River Fog in December
River fog in the Yukon River Valley in Whitehorse

mardi 1 mars 2011

Learning photography? Read "The Digital Eye" of Norm Hamilton

Yukon River upstream Miles Canyon

The Yukon is a place where many artistic vocations are born or revived. Photography is a very popular art form in the Yukon. When one is serious about photography, learning on a consistent basis is essential. Yukon photographer Norm Hamilton writes articles about photography in his chronicle, The Digital Eye, that you can find at: http://normhamilton.ca/blog/category/photogaphy/the-digital-eye/

The articles are also published in What’s Up Yukon, like this one http://www.whatsupyukon.com/index.php/2011-03-01-20-39-50.html.

Articles like “Shooting Snow”, “What’s your composition” or “Tack-sharp Images” will certainly interest many photographers. Keep reading and improve your skills and knowledge.

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