River Fog in December

River Fog in December
River fog in the Yukon River Valley in Whitehorse

dimanche 18 avril 2010

Yukon's melting season

Early spring this year. The earliest I have known since I live in the Yukon. Most of the snow is already gone at the bottom of the Yukon Valley. The light is now definitely in summer mode. I call it the "spring yellow light ". The days are long, the sky is clear and for long hours during "night time" we can see a yellowish haze hanging in the sky. The month of April blessed the Yukon sky with beautiful Northern Lights. I am not interested in photographing them. For two reasons. First, I have a baby, I need to sleep. Second, Northern Lights are too "cliché" to my taste.
Really, I don't understand the fascination for the Aurora Borealis. I have recently seen very good pictures of the phenomenon. One has really to think about his picture composition when he shoots it. If they don't they will end up with another boring image.