River Fog in December

River Fog in December
River fog in the Yukon River Valley in Whitehorse

jeudi 18 mars 2010

Road Signs and Landscapes

Pelly Crossing, Summer 2009

A few months ago, I gave myself an assignment. I wanted to photograph, all across the territory, various road signs depicting the Yukon landscape. Both institutional road signs and private, company owned road signs. I was curious about what I would find. Would my first intuition be confirmed? I knew that I would see a lot of “clichés” of what Yukon is or what people think it is. The nature of the subject could only lead me on the path of the stereotyped representations of the Yukon.
It did. On most of them the Yukon is presented as a place of towering mountains, pristine rivers and strong and vibrant wildlife. Boring. The Yukon as most people expect it.
There were some surprising road signs however. I will remember them. They are not about landscapes, but they are part of the road landscape of the smaller communities. They show people. I am not talking about the ones showing the strong Yukon prospectors panning for gold. The ones I prefer carry real emotions and realities. They are about despair, weakness, love and compassion. They are about drugs.